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How to Sew Slippery Fabrics

Satin, charmeuse, most linings, chiffon, and a whole host of other fabrics. What do they have in common? They like to slip and slide like they’ve been covered in Teflon. When your fabric slips about, you’ll get inaccurate edges while cutting, and wonky uneven seams when sewing, both of which are going to have unwanted… Read More »

How To Handle Fray-Happy Fabric

Organza, brocades, cheap taffetas. What do they have in common? They fray as soon as they’re cut. Either because of the twist of the fiber yarn, or because the fabric is woven whereby the weft fibers are “floating” above the warp to one degree or another, or simply because it’s a loose and lightweight weave,… Read More »