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Flannel is a plain-woven fabric that has been brushed to create a short-but-fuzzy texture, usually on both sides of the fabric, but sometimes only on the right side. That brushing, plus the fact that the fabric is made from loosely-woven yarn means that flannel is a soft, warm fabric – suitable for shirts, sleepwear and… Read More »

Faux Fur

The happiest, the silliest, the goofiest and… the most heartbreaking fabric out there in cosplay land. Faux fur. Sometimes called fun fur – usually by people who haven’t sewn it. It’s not fun. Fur can be the primary fabric in a costume such as a fursuit, or the primary element in a barbarian raider’s ensemble… Read More »


Velour is a woven stretch fabric with a short, fuzzy, pile. Visually, it is very similar to velvet and velveteen. Unlike those other two, though, velour is a stretch fabric. In fact, it’s sometimes called “stretch velvet” by retailers. The degree of stretch depends on the fibers used and other factors. But, as a rule, your… Read More »