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Interfacing – ShirTailor

ShirTailor is a brand name interfacing made by Pellon. It’s a fusible, non-woven interfacing made specifically for shirt collars, cuffs and button plackets. Despite the fact that it’s a non-woven, the manufacturers claim it has a lengthwise grain and a modicum of cross-grain stretch, so you want to pay attention to that when you’re cutting.… Read More »

Interfacing – Horsehair (aka Hair Canvas)

Horsehair? I mean, really… horsehair? Well, yes…and no. Horsehair – sometimes called horsehair canvas or hair canvas – is a sturdy, woven interfacing wit a coarse texture. Despite having “canvas” in the name, it’s not a thick material, although it feels pretty rough to the touch. This isn’t something you want next to your skin.… Read More »

Stabilizers – Not Interfacing

Although it’s often put in the same aisle with the interfacings, stabilizers aren’t quite the same beast. Interfacings always become a permanent part of your garment, but portions of stabilizers are removed after serving their purpose. Stabilizer – it’s exactly what it sounds like – it’s something you use to strengthen fabric while you’re sewing it. Stabilizers… Read More »