By | May 22, 2016
Silk peau de soie. Source:

Silk peau de soie. Source:

Part of the ‘Antique Fabrics‘ series, this fabric isn’t necessarily extinct, but it was more popular in the past than the present.

AKA poult-de-soie, and paduasoy 

A fine-corded silk fabric, made in a plain weave, but because of it’s semi-lustrous appearance, it can be mistaken for a satin weave. Quite luxurious. It’s still in use today for evening and bridal gowns, although it’s not as popular as it was. It’s sometimes described as duchess satin.

Unfortunately, many sellers will describe crepe satin as peau de soie, which can make shopping for the real thing a challenge – always get a swatch when you can! They two fabrics are superficially similar, but the texture underhand is different, because of the different weaving techniques.

If you need a good-enough equivalent, consider a really fine bengaline (yes, really) or a subtle crepe satin.

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