Mission Statement

What’s the difference between chiffon, organza and georgette? Does it matter?

Fabric for Cosplayers is designed as a reference for costumers and cosplayers who have recently decided that they wish to create their own costumes, but they’re overwhelmed by choices when shopping for fabrics.

Each entry focuses on a single type of fabric, discussing what it’s made of, how to use it, typical cost and how best to sew it. There are some other entries on topics that are of interest to a new costumer but the primary focus is on the use of fabric and related embellishments.

At launch, Fabric For Cosplayers features over 100 entries, all relevant to the neophyte cosplayer. More material will be added over time, but as the intended focus of this site is for entry-level sewists, it will focus on topics of greatest concern to them. If you’re a costumer who’s gone beyond the basics and looking for reference material, take a look at this site’s resources and bibliography page.