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About Upholstery Fabrics

You should never neglect the home décor section when shopping for costume fabric. You’ll find patterns and colors there appropriate for a surprising swathe of history and some drawn characters too. For instance, when you need emergency princess gear, pintuck taffeta can be a lifesaver. Sheer gauze curtains can provide material for fairy wings. I’ve lost count of… Read More »

Real Fur

If you’re a beginning-level costumer and you’re contemplating fur of ANY kind, my first reaction is to say “No, you’re not ready.” And if you want to use real fur, I’d say “You’re not ready and it’s too expensive.” but, you know what? Costuming is an adventure, so let’s talk about sewing with REAL fur.… Read More »

Leather – Lambskin

Have you read the Leather Overview? If not, go there first. If you’ve ever picked up a pair of gloves and marveled at how soft and supple they were, then you’ve probably handled lambskin. Lambskin is a gorgeous leather to wear. It’s thin and pliant and did I mention SOFT? If you want to make… Read More »


Ultrasuede is a trade name, like Spandex, but like Spandex and Kleenex and Coke it’s passed into the vernacular and it’s used to describe any fabric that looks like suede. For the moment, let’s stick to the trademarked product, Ultrasuede. It was created in the 1970s out of a veritable chemical stew. It indeed looks… Read More »

Leather – Pigskin

Did you read the leather overview, first? You should. Pigskin leather is a popular and relatively economical option for costuming. It’s also popular for lining other garments and accessories, such as handbags and wallets. It can have a sueded or smooth finish and is commercially available in many colors, including metallic finishes. Pigskin which has been embossed to… Read More »

Leather – Cow

Have you read the leather overview? If not, go there first. Cows: the default source for leather. Why is it so common? Because it’s versatile, so it can be used for a lot of different purposes; because cows are large and thus larger pieces can be cut from their hides; and because we eat a… Read More »

Felt And Melton

Felt and melton are closely related – and often mistaken for each other – so they’re being addressed in a shared entry. Felt is a non-woven fabric made from short fibers that have been brought together using a combination of heat, pressure and various chemicals to create a dense, thick fabric with a slightly fuzzy… Read More »

Stabilizers – Not Interfacing

Although it’s often put in the same aisle with the interfacings, stabilizers aren’t quite the same beast. Interfacings always become a permanent part of your garment, but portions of stabilizers are removed after serving their purpose. Stabilizer – it’s exactly what it sounds like – it’s something you use to strengthen fabric while you’re sewing it. Stabilizers… Read More »