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Leather – Lambskin

Have you read the Leather Overview? If not, go there first. If you’ve ever picked up a pair of gloves and marveled at how soft and supple they were, then you’ve probably handled lambskin. Lambskin is a gorgeous leather to wear. It’s thin and pliant and did I mention SOFT? If you want to make… Read More »

Leather – Pigskin

Did you read the leather overview, first? You should. Pigskin leather is a popular and relatively economical option for costuming. It’s also popular for lining other garments and accessories, such as handbags and wallets. It can have a sueded or smooth finish and is commercially available in many colors, including metallic finishes. Pigskin which has been embossed to… Read More »

Leather – Cow

Have you read the leather overview? If not, go there first. Cows: the default source for leather. Why is it so common? Because it’s versatile, so it can be used for a lot of different purposes; because cows are large and thus larger pieces can be cut from their hides; and because we eat a… Read More »

An Overview of Leather

What do you get when you peel the hide off an animal and subject it to various chemically-driven processes? You get leather! Leather is one of the oldest materials out there and the term covers a lot of ground. The most common options out there come from cows, pigs and sheep. Less common, but still… Read More »