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Introduction to Fibers: Microfiber

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber less than 1 denier wide. It can be made of polyester, rayon, nylon or from almost any other synthetic material – but most often, it is made from polyester. What’s a denier? Denier is a way of quantifying a fiber’s mass. A fiber’s denier number is equal to the weight of 9000… Read More »


Lurex is a brand name for a type of metallic-coated plastic yarn that’s become synonymous with the fabric it’s made into. It’s a shiny, stretchy knit which just screams evening-wear and other fabulous uses. Lurex was really popular in the sixties, seventies and eighties – especially for slinky cocktail dresses. Go to Etsy and type… Read More »


Hoo. Jersey is one of those terms that gets applied to a lot of fabrics, with a varying degree of accuracy, so let’s nail this down. Jersey is a knitted fabric, made with lightweight yarns of natural or artificial origin. Back in the day, it was made of fine wool in the Jersey Islands of… Read More »

Spandex / Lycra / Elastane

I mentioned elastane in the Introduction to Fibers page, but there’s always room for more information. Spandex is a brand name that has become synonymous with the generic thing that it represents – like Kleenex and Xerox and Google. Technically, Spandex is a trademarked fabric using elastane as one of its main components. What’s elastane?… Read More »

Hatchi Knit

I’m mentioning this because it’s popping up a lot on some popular fabric websites. “Hatchi knit” is a brand name. Whoever’s behind it seems to be churning out light-weight knits made of cotton-poly blends and pure polyester. I’ve seen it in solids, stripes and some multicolored prints – all very much following current fashion trends.… Read More »


At first glance, fleece looks a lot like flannel. It’s a soft fabric, napped on one or both sides. It comes in a variety of solid colors and printed patterns and can be used for loungewear and children’s wear – although you’re not going to see a guy in a fleece suit any time soon… Read More »