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Let me just this get out of my system right away. Did you hear about the new corduroy pillows? They’re making headlines! Whew. Thanks. Corduroy is a woven fabric that features a fuzzy pile, just like velvet (the difference between nap and pile). But while velvet’s pile is sheared all the same length, corduroy is… Read More »


I mentioned velveteen briefly during the section on velvet, because they’re so closely related. Like velvet, velveteen is a napped fabric. Like velvet, the pile – the fuzzy part – is on a non-stretchy base. So what’s the difference between velvet and velveteen? Velveteen has a shorter pile than velvet, which makes the fabric physically… Read More »

Peachskin And Moleskin

Peachskin is a marketing term used to describe a lightweight fabric – usually pure polyester – that has a very short, fuzzy nap on one side. Just like – you guessed it – a peach. Sometimes it’s called moleskin and there is a trademarked version of moleskin called Sensuede. The two aren’t exactly the same,… Read More »